Quick Guide

How to Buy a Home

A Real Estate and Mortgage Banking Consulting Company

Your Quick Guide to Homeownership that will save you time and money

Quick Guide

How to Buy a Home

Wallace Real Estate Solutions LLC, provides free instructional videos guiding homebuyers through all aspects of the homebuying process and beyond. We build relationships between homebuyers and the best businesses and organizations in their community.

Michael Wallace has over 30 years experience as a CEO, President, and Consultant in many  Real Estate and Mortgage Banking related businesses.

Let us Guide you through your Homebuying Journey  –

How to Buy your Home the right way, and avoid the pitfalls that could cost you time and money.


Learn the homebuying process BEFORE you start looking, and you

will have the edge to make your best deal.


It’s not just about the house,

it’s about  the community you are about

to become part of.